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Cookies are an easy way to store stateful information into the user browser. Thus, it is more useful for browser-based navigation (e.g. a front-end app making API requests) rather than pure API interaction.


from fastapi_users.authentication import CookieTransport

cookie_transport = CookieTransport(cookie_max_age=3600)

As you can see, instantiation is quite simple. It accepts the following arguments:

  • cookie_name (fastapiusersauth): Name of the cookie.
  • cookie_max_age (Optional[int]): The lifetime of the cookie in seconds. None by default, which means it's a session cookie.
  • cookie_path (/): Cookie path.
  • cookie_domain (None): Cookie domain.
  • cookie_secure (True): Whether to only send the cookie to the server via SSL request.
  • cookie_httponly (True): Whether to prevent access to the cookie via JavaScript.
  • cookie_samesite (lax): A string that specifies the samesite strategy for the cookie. Valid values are lax, strict and none. Defaults to lax.


This method will return a response with a valid set-cookie header upon successful login:

204 No content

Check documentation about login route.


This method will remove the authentication cookie:

204 No content

Check documentation about logout route.


This method expects that you provide a valid cookie in the headers.